LloydsPharmacy Skin Cleansing Brush Replacement Heads Set of 3 Heads

Lloyds Pharmacy

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Product Description

For use with LloydsPharmacy skin cleansing brush. These replacement heads works to remove stubborn dirt, grease and residual make up that general cleansing leaves behind.

Effective exfoliating helps to eliminate dead skin cells to reveal radiant, healthy looking skin. Skin tone appears more even and blemishes are reduced.

Pack contains

Dermabrasion brush

• This high density dermabrasion brush cleans deep into the skin, removing dead skin and dirt, leaving you feeling fresh and clean

Sensitive cleansing brush

• To be used on soft sensitive skin to avoid redness in the face

Moisturising sponge

• This sponge helps to remove make up, leaving your skin clean and beautifully natural